Integrated Nutrition, LLC, Masthead
Integrated Nutrition, LLC, Masthead

Client Education/Tools

At Integrated Nutrition, LLC, we believe that a well-informed client, equipped with the most effective nutritional tools, is much more likely to successfully achieve their nutritional goals.

Toward that end, Integrated Nutrition, LLC, offers a number of opportunities for client education, including initial assessment reports, various informative written materials, meal plans, unique/flexible food journals and dietitian-nutritionist advice that are all part of the nutritional counseling process.

In addition to those educational opportunities offered as part of the nutritional counseling experience, Integrated Nutrition, LLC, offers outside group (e.g., senior facilities) and corporate lectures, and in-office family and small group lectures/seminars with accompanying written materials as part of a continual effort to to provide its clients with the latest and best nutritional information.

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